Hi everyone. For those of you that may not know me, my name is Carolyn van Schalkwyk. I am a South African born creative, animal loving, equestrian, entrepreneur and artist.

After school I studied Architecture for a year. I very quickly realised that all the perpendicular lines and 90 degree angles were soon going to kill every bit of creativity that formed so much of my being. 3 years later I graduated from The Open Window School of Design with my BA Degree in Communication Design.

I have tried very hard to stay away from the arts for almost 11 years now after starting an equestrian apparel company, but I simply can’t. I live to draw and paint and basically put anything on paper that has an animal in it.

In this journey I will explore the animal kingdom in all it’s perfection through my art. I will work in mediums of oil based pencils, digital mediums and oil paint.

I have always had an absolute deep love and understanding of animals. I own six dogs and five horses. I have always spent a lot of time with my animals. It has given me a very deep understanding and respect for them. I am an avid show jumper. It is incredible to share such a powerful animal's ability, power and grace through such a unique relationship. I believe this life long passion for animals reflects through my art and the animals I so often choose as subject.

This is not just a job for me. It is a life long dream, obsession and glorification to God for the talent that He has blessed me with. I spend as much time and love in every project, big and small as I possibly can to produce the best version of any artwork I am capable of.

P.s. This Bella with me in the illustration. She spends as much time with me as I spend in the arts. So you should get to know her too.

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